The Deconstruction of Mr. Assange ⏳

Milky Way Dispatch

Julian-Assange-With-Embassy-Cat1 Wikileaks editor and founder Julian Assange has been illegally detained for 7 years without charge, in violation of two UN rulings. Picture via @EmbassyCat on Instagram

It has all the makings of one of our favorite serialized dramas; in text, on the screen; intrigue, plot, wild accusations, dubious death, dangerous characters and too many questions left unanswered.

{Author’s Note: Please be sure to check out sources section. All linked Sources marked with*, + Further Reading, Additional Sources, and Resources listed below. Emojis mark 👇 SRCS / achnor tags to src sections, please do your own research 😉 }

By Amber Seree Allen

The “Mystery”

If you are to believe the internet, there is ample mystery surrounding the deconstruction of Mr. Assange.

My first wager: that the “mystery” isn’t quite as mysterious once we are through deconstructing *that* instead.

But what ever do I mean?

It has all…

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