The principles of science (v7.5)

The principles of science

Every day, numerous statements about how things relate to each other can be seen and heard everywhere. Science is normally thought of as the way of conduct that provides certainty about such relationships. However, beliefs and unsubstantiated statements can often be seen, also within science.

So, what are the principles of science then?
It is hard to say, as a well-defined set of principles for science does not seem to be readily available.

That position is supported by the following quote from National Academy of Sciences:
“The basic and particular principles that guide scientific research practices exist primarily in an unwritten code of ethics. Although some have proposed that these principles should be written down and formalised, the principles and traditions of science are, for the most part, conveyed to successive generations of scientists through example, discussion, and informal education.”
Ref.: Responsible Science, Volume I: Ensuring the Integrity of the…

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