Debunking the Trump-Putin conspiracy stories

Fabius Maximus website

Summary: Stories about conspiracies involving Trump and Putin have increasingly dominated the news since the election. Only slowly has rebuttal evidence and analysis accumulated. Yet the debunkings have had little effect. The stories are too politically useful to both Left and Right, Journalists (haters of Trump) are their collaborators. As usual, gullible Americans are the targets.Cover of Conspiracy: a spy game of bluffing and betrayal

Excerpt from “Russia: The Conspiracy Trap“.

By Masha Gessen at the New York Review of Books.
His article debunks the major accusation. Here are his conclusions.

For more than six months now, Russia has served as a crutch for the American imagination. It is used to explain how Trump could have happened to us, and it is also called upon to give us hope. When the Russian conspiracy behind Trump is finally fully exposed, our national nightmare will be over.

A great many journalists and pundits have been convinced of the Russia…

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