Why Science is Broken – Highlights

Cogitant American

For those of us with an idealistic streak, we like to think of science as one of our purer institutions: Solely focused on seeking truth, Spock-like people in white lab coats carefully sidle up to reality’s secrets, share them freely with the rest of us, and make our lives remarkably better in the process.

If only that were the whole story. Oh sure, scientists on PBS do their best to continue the idealistic narrative. But science today is a far different beast than it was even 70 years ago. A number of factors have conspired to take it off-course, and I have compiled the following list. Although whole books have been written about particular problems below, my compact summary is a good splash of cold water for those willing to see how things really are.

For most of the points below, a simple internet search will return plenty of results confirming…

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