The Best Place to Hide the Truth…

The best place to hide the truth is right in plain site.  The problem is, that is also the hardest place to find it.  Why?

Any methods of obfuscation are almost always located on the same “thought plane” where the truth is located.

Methods of obfuscation include (but ARE NOT limited to):

  • Propaganda campaigns (and not just those conducted by Government institutions … activist movements use these, religions use them frequently, social networks use them etc.).
  • Showing a little “taste” of the truth, and mixing it with false info so people can easily think they can use “reductio ad absurdum” (look it up) to dispose of it / deny it exists in their minds.  (Usually leads to these same people saying that other people who bring these up to be wearing “tinfoil hats.”).
  • Other subversion techniques…

One disturbing (very disturbing) result of this “truth hiding in plain site” is something called PizzaGate.

I won’t go into detail here, because it’s much too grizzly.  The point of bringing up such a horrible concentration of the most insidious acts of humanity on our children … is this “truth” has been hiding under our noses (ALL of our noses) for decades.

Right in plain site.

But to fully understand this is NOT to examine the situation itself (along with all of the other interlocked satanism and inhuman acts attached to it)…

… but rather to fully grasp with the fact that one of the most evil truths of human nature (Ponerology covers it pretty well) is right here … in plain site.

So, you must ask yourself … what other truth lies right in front of us?  

Then follow that question up with “What will stop you from exploring it fully, no matter where it might lead?”


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